Rekey Locks

When your key is stolen, you actually need key change and not replacement. Replacing the key when the original one might be used by unauthorized people to enter your office or home is not the best idea. What you need is to render it useless and get a key with different grooves. But a brand new key won’t fit in the existing lock. Every single key is made to match a particular lock. So when you change the key, you must also make some lock modifications. And that’s the essence of lock rekeying. It actually involves a process of changing the tumbler and cutting a new key accordingly. And in our company we are experts in such services. You can call us to rekey locks in Ottawa anytime.Rekey Locks Ottawa

Accuracy during lock rekeying

Many locks can be rekeyed. But it takes huge knowledge and lock experience in order to do the job properly. If the job involves locks of a master key system is even more difficult. But you can rest assured that our pros have expertise in all types of locking systems. Rekeying is a very delicate job. It requires accuracy during the replacement of the pins and precision when cutting the new key.

Why is it important to rekey locks?

The new key must match perfectly the new lock configuration so that it will slide smoothly and turn the cylinder to lock and unlock the door easily. The techs at our Locksmith in Ottawa are experienced in lock rekey services and can help you urgently. Your co-tenant moved out? Ready to move to your new house? Our pros will be there to check the condition of the lock and rekey it if it’s in good shape. But we also rekey locks in Ottawa rapidly.

Did someone steal your key? In this case, you don’t need a key replacement. In order to eliminate any possibility of home or office intrusions, you need to open and lock the door with a new key. You can depend on us for fast service. We come equipped and rekey locks quickly. For quality work and quick response, call us!